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John Plater

Marketing Head, SEOZAA

Before coming to DPA, we were suffering from our keywords ranking nowhere in the SEO search results. Then we contacted Digital Promotion Agency and they helped us establish a better understanding and position of our keyword rankings.

Eric Anderson


Digital Promotion Agency is one such organization who delivers quality service with a very affordable price. They’re adaptable and they prioritize our strategy preferences with their in-depth knowledge about the subject.



Our team was in search of a company who could provide us with the most sophisticated design to our website so as to draw the viewer’s attention at their first site only. So we reached to DPA and seriously I’m most impressed with the new designs they came up with for the website.

John Rec

Marketing Head, FNEWS

If you are looking for a company with updated knowledge about the online market, then I would recommend going for DPA. They’re a good creative agency that has the immense potential to make your online business grow by implementing the needed solutions.

Manish Dubey

CEO, BariaTry

I am a great admirer of DPA because it has made my business stand from nowhere to one of the leading company of our industry. Digital Promotion Agency provides results, that's why I have stayed with them for years.

James Shawn

MD, Startcog

The DPA team has been very communicative, giving us the impression that we are a valued client by delivering up to the mark services.

Pablo Eglesias

Co Founder, Stretrise

Digital Promotion Agency did a good job of connecting the dots for us when it comes to increasing our online sales.

Randy Burma

Owner, Remedico

We were lacking a good position in the search results of our industry based products. We then contacted Digital Promotion Agency after reading some reviews on the internet. Truly speaking, we really appreciated their level of effort and communication and ability to execute on what was promised.

Parvinder Arora

CEO, Streat

After investing so much capital in SEO, we were not getting the expected results which we were really frustrated of. We needed some guidance to let us know what we are lagging. Then we reached to DPA and I really appreciate their attention to detail and their ability to explain the process in layman’s terms.

Brain Stratus

Manager, Wealtha

Running our business online for the last 4 years, we were not able to generate the required amount of revenue. We contacted Digital Promotion Agency in hope for the solution and they created a digital presence for us and attracted leads to our business within a very few time which was quite impressive.

Brandon Miller

Marketing Head, Promed

Thanking Digital Promotion Agency will be not enough because they have helped us to reach a certain level in the industry which was beyond our expectation. They increased our domain authority from 26–38%, resulting in a 300% increase in traffic.

Anita Singh

Founder, Atry

From my experience, I can say that, compared to other SEO agencies, DPA is the most strategically structured firm.


CEO, Safeberr

Since we’ve started working with Digital Promotion Agency, I am seeing an overall web traffic increase as the time passing on. This is quite amazing to see your business grow with the help of such knowledgable SEO firm.

Annika Hamer

CEO, Grovidex

We’ve seen a lot of additional traffic on our Web site and Facebook interactions are up after we brought our project to Digital Promotion Agency.

Srinivasa Muthaiyah

Co-Founder, Atrix

We started working with Digital Promotion Agency two years back and genuinely it feels like an extension of our own team—they’re invested in our brand.

Eric Wilson

MD, Whollex

We are very particular about our project to get the expected results. Our projects are very specific and detailed and Digital Promotion Agency does an outstanding job keeping everything in order.